The Acropolis of Rhodes

The ancient Hellenic Acropolis of Rhodes is situated on a hill in the Western part of the city, and once consisted of a monumental zone full of sanctuaries, large temples, public buildings and underground vaults. The buildings were set on stepped terraces interspersed with gardens. The remains of the buildings of the Acropolis date back to the 2nd Century BC, but not all of the Acropolis has been yet excavated at the site. The Stadium, however, has been fully excavated and restored. 

Also still to be seen are the ruins of the Temple of Athena Polias on the Northern edge of the site, the Nymphaia, which is made up of four cave-like constructions cut into the rock, used for recreation and worship.  A small restored marble Odeon is well preserved, thought to have been used for musical events and lectures , and you can also admire the Temple of Pythian Apollo and the remains of the Gymnasium.

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